Production Control

Product labelling and material control

Many of our customers require their products to have fully certified raw material traceability.
When raw materials are received by our goods in department, identification labels are printed. When these materials are issued to jobs, more labels are printed and attached to the route card. When jobs are completed, parts are receipted into a bin location within our inventory and component identification labels are printed.
All our labelling uses bar code technology and thermal transfer printing to ensure parts remain clearly identified after delivery to our customers.
We are able to offer bespoke product labelling to our customers if required.
We can also offer part marking using indelible paint or ink, engraving, and serial numbering with full traceability.
Product labelling and material control


Job planning & tracking

We use data base driven capacity planning and scheduling software, linked directly into our central ERP system. This software allows us to visually see the current loading on each of our work centres and to model a what-if scenario when quoting lead times to our customers.
The factory planner allows us to redirect jobs to different work centres and machines if necessary to free capacity and improve delivery dates where possible.
Once a job is in production we are able to track its progress using our touch screen shop floor data capture terminals. Our operators provide updates by booking their time spent on jobs and breaks, allowing us to report on operator performance against job targets.
capacity planning and scheduling software on monitor


Control of tooling and inspection equipment

We use touch screen tool vending machines in our factory to control issues of tooling to jobs and operators. This allows us to analyse and control tooling costs and usage levels, as well as track issues of inspection equipment and calibration records, periods of use. To ISO 9001 standard. Equipment is tagged using bar code labels and scanned to jobs for tracking. We are able to see where any item of equipment is located at any time.
tool vending machine


CNC program transfer

We hold and backup all CNC program files on a central server and save/send programs using Multi-DNC software system. This ensures programs are protected and available immediately to operators to pre-tool for the next job to increase productivity. This is done over our reliable network of high performance wireless access points.
CNC machine operator, programming machine.


Smart storage

We have two purpose designed storage facilities for our inventory of both raw materials and finished products. This allows us to control our inventory accurately and ensure that it is maintained to the standards required.
Some of our MOD linked customers require products cleaned and packaged to their industry standards. We are able to offer such services by request.
With full material traceability being at the forefront of many customer’s requirements, we ensure that our excess and stock raw material is always identified.
Storage facilitiesStorage of raw materials


Continuous improvements

We are fully committed to a long term project of improving our facility. We have a CI team that meets weekly to drive this project from MD down.
Floors are painted and all equipment is kept off the floors. Daily cleaning procedures are in place to ensure this is maintained. We firmly believe that our staff are our greatest asset and aim to do our best to retain and motivate them at all times.
The 6 Sigma programme is being followed, with a dedicated Champion employed.
Work centres have dedicated tooling boards and cleaning equipment, and personnel are trained to complete agreed tasks to standard work methods.
Quality control and good working environment